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Employment History
& Personal Evolution

10/23 – Present

888 William Hill, London/Leeds

As the Staff Product Designer, my role is to design and deliver a multi-brand Global Design System, incorporating visual consistency and future scalability across all breakpoints and user devices; adhering to best web practices, native requirements and accessibility regulations. To achieve this, all designs are being created and documented within Figma as component, style and variable libraries to be developed in a mirrored React world. Documentation is key in order to communicate pixel perfect solutions from design to development to improve the user experience.

10/21 – 10/23

Premier Farnell, Leeds

As Senior UX/UI Designer, I worked on transitioning the old website to a new headless design platform, focusing on improving accessibility and responsiveness through all breakpoints. The task was to work alongside IBM developers, supplying pixel perfect designs, in order to perfect the new eCommerce global user journey, ultimately improving sales.

07/21 – 10/21

SPICA Technologies, Birmingham

As Senior UX/UI Designer, I lead a team of two UX/UI Designers within the Professional Services squad; tasked to design bespoke/customised solutions, leveraging the core product concepts, to meet a variety of customer needs and requirements. I am involved in all phases of the custom product lifecycle – research, ideation, pixel perfect design, build, validate/test, run, transition, and enhancement – but with a particular focus on understanding and capturing customer wants and needs, translating wireframes to appealing and beautiful designs, including functional (and test) specification, and creating customised look and feel for the product following different customer brand guidelines.

08/19 – 07/21

Conigital, Birmingham

Initially I was employed as a UX/UI Engineer, and within three months I was promoted to Head of Design. The position entailed overseeing a diverse multimedia team, including flutter developers, UX and UI designers, specialist mobile developers and multi-purpose backend developers. Due to the demands of the workload, my role was very hands on. I weekly attended the management meeting with all Directors, Sector Managers and Skill Leaders to discuss all matters.

07/07 – 08/19

Ad-Central Media, Northampton

I work on a direct daily basis with the Managing Director to improve and evolve both our online media and print advertising. Keeping up to date with current market trends is essential in creating cutting edge artwork to compete with the competition. As the senior designer I see through the production of websites from start to finish within tight time frames. From initial concept, through to the whole working design and feel of the site. User experience is paramount; site load speed, SEO maximum potential, simplicity and usability are just four key factors that take precedence. I am responsible for print design advertising, liaising and corresponding with advertising media agencies.

07/06 – 07/07

Austin Reynolds Limited, Chertsey, Surrey

Create required artwork for the sales team, meeting all deadlines while keeping to in house guidelines. Provide creative solutions, adhering to external client specifications within constrained budgets. Responsible for all corporate ID from the website to promotional material, product information to customer literature. Keep all websites updated with new products. Liaise with MD weekly for progression reflection.

12/02 – 07/06

Amber Valley Borough Council, Ripley, Derbyshire

Responsible for designing to specifications within extremely tight budgets; everything from vehicle livery to promoting music festivals.*

*Within local government, confidentiality is paramount, therefore this is all I am able to divulge.

09/99 – 12/02

Sunterra Grand Vacation Club, Burton-upon-Trent

a) Sell the product to over 50 customers per day.
b) Motivate a team of 30 to fulfill their potential.
c) Meet strict sales targets

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